How To Get Promoted

How to Get Promoted

Are you tired of seeing others get promoted? What if I told you there is a formula for successfully positioning yourself as the right candidate. I have promoted over 150 people in the last 18 years and I'm going to share with your how it was done.

Do you work extremely hard yet you never get the opportunity to promote? Does anyone even notice how much you contribute?  What if I told you there is a formula for getting promoted.  

Over the last 18 years I've built leaders in a systematic way.  All built on simple principles of identifying your goals and building the groundwork for your development.  The truth is many people don't get promoted for two reasons: lack of experience or wrong attitude.  That's it.  Gaining experience takes the right attitude and partnerships to help your open doors.

This course will help you identify external road blocks as well as internal ones (our actions create perception).  You will learn real actionable steps to get you closer to your goals.  Stay objective.  Knowing and overcoming your personal opportunities is the key.

Within each of us there lies a leader who needs awakening!  Are you ready to awaken your potential? I knew you would be.  Lets get started!

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David Rubalcava
David Rubalcava
Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Podcast Host

About the instructor

David has a passion for developing new leaders.  He aspires to help new leaders understand how to be successful in business.  David inspires his leaders with passion, sharing his setbacks, staying objective, empowerment, building their confidence, and nurturing decision making.

David has a bachelor degree in Business Management and over 18 years of leadership experience in big box retailers.  He’s operated stores ranging from $3 million to $55 million throughout his career.  David also has extensive experience in building high-performance teams, promotable candidates, and a track record of top performing stores.  He is district talent coach for store leaders, high-potential candidates, and talent acquisition.  David also has 10 years experienced in Human Resource management as well as experience in social services.  

He recently added owner (Team Rubalcava LLC), motivational speaker,  content creator, podcast host "Awaken The Leader Inside", and director (Follow The Path-Webisodes )to his resume.  Leader, motivator, Husband, and Father of 5.

"Always remember...Awaken The Leader Inside!" - David Rubalcava

What's included?

6 Videos
5 Quizzes
1 Survey
1 Text
8 PDFs

Your promotion can become a reality.  When you invest in yourself the possibilities are endless.  Let's get started.

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